Book Talk, etc.

Best Books of 2021; Our 20 Favorite Books of the Year!

December 21, 2021 Season 1 Episode 30
Book Talk, etc.
Best Books of 2021; Our 20 Favorite Books of the Year!
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In Episode 30 of Book Talk, Etc. Tina and Renee each share the 10 books that top their 2021 favorites list. They also share what they've been loving lately, their latest reads, shelf additions, and have book talk about how they chose their favorite books of the year. 

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Loving Lately
4:17 First Aid  Beauty Ultra Repair Creme (R)
6:40 Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip (T)

Latest Reads   
12:45 The Stranger in the Lifeboat |Mitch Albom (R)  🎧
16:39 Hell of a Book |Jason Mott (T) 🎧

22:33 Book Talk
33:24 Project Hail Mary |Andy Weir (T)  🎧
36:02 The Unwilling |John Hart (R)
39:07 The Pact |Sharon Bolton (T)
41:39 A Town Called Solace | Mary Lawson 🎧(R)
44:23 You Got Anything Stronger |Gabrielle Union (T) 🎧
45:55 The Push |Ashley Audrain (R)
49:10 When I Ran Away |Ilona Banister (T)
51:32 You Love Me|Caroline Kepnes (R)
55:25 Concrete Rose |Angie Thomas (T)
57:11 For Your Own Good| Samantha Downing (R)
1:00:16The Storyteller |Dave Grohl (T) 🎧
1:04:24 Bewilderment|Richard Powers (R) 🎧
1:07:40 The Idea of You |Robinne Lee (T)
1:10:52 Intensity|Dean Koontz (R)
1:13:12 Out |Natsuo Kirino (T
1:15:45 No Cure for Being Human|Kate Bowler(R)🎧
1:19:57 Seven Days in June |Tia Williams (T)
1:22:28 These Silent Woods|Kimi Cunningham Grant(R)🎧
1:27:53 Razorblade Tears |SA Cosby (#1 T) 🎧
1:31:30 An Untamed State |Roxane Gay (#1 R) 🎧

Shelf Additions
1:37:07 Tobacco Wives|Adele Myers (T)
1:38:15Her Last Affair|John Searles(R)

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