Book Talk, etc.

Fiction Books Inspired by True Stories

September 07, 2021 Tina, Renee Season 1 Episode 16
Book Talk, etc.
Fiction Books Inspired by True Stories
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In Episode 16 of Book Talk, Etc. Tina and Renee are recommending fiction books they've read that are inspired by true stories! They share what they're loving lately, their latest reads, a shelf addition, and have book talk about books inspired by real events and/or people.

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Loving Lately
3:35 Pocket Plus Magnetic Pouch (Renee)
6:20 Wet N Wild Bare focus Tinted Hydrator in light (Tina)

Latest Reads
8:40 A Caller's Game |JD Barker (Tina)
The Fourth Monkey ( mentioned)
12:15 Such A Good Wife |Seraphina Nova Glass (Renee)

Book Talk
18:10 See What I Have Done |Sarah Schmidt (mentioned)
23:06 The Perfect Nanny |Leila Slimani
27:29 Another City Not My Own |Dominic Dunne
32:45 The Swans of Fifth Avenue |Melanie Benjamin
35:17 The Lamplighters |Emma Stonex
40:00 Dreamland Burning |Jennifer Latham
43:34 Beyond the Point |Claire Gibson

Shelf Additions
48:19 The Violin Conspiracy |Brandan Slocumb
50:41 As the Wicked Watch |Tamron Hall

Other Mentions
Amy @NovelGossip on Instagram
Claire Gibson's West Point inspiration

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