Book Talk, etc.

Book Hangovers, What Are They & Do We Really Want Them?

August 24, 2021 Tina, Renee Season 1 Episode 14
Book Talk, etc.
Book Hangovers, What Are They & Do We Really Want Them?
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In Episode 14 of Book Talk, Etc. Tina and Renee are talking about book hangovers! They share what they're loving lately, their latest reads, shelf additions, and have book talk about books they've loved so much that they've been left with a book hangover.

Loving Lately
2:10 Article by Kelly Jensen "Is it worth your 2500"
7:00 Currently Reading Facebook Group

Latest Reads
11:00 Jar of Hearts | Jennifer Hiller
14:55 Case Histories | Kate Atkinson

19:48 Book Talk
Shelf Awareness
Book Riot
Epic Reads
Gone Girl | Gillian Flynn
Still Life | Louise Penny
Book Riot article about Psychology of Reading
Razorblade Tears | SA Cosby
32:21 I Am Pilgrim | Terry Hayes
The Idea of You | Robinne Lee
Maybe You Should Talk to Someone | Lori Gottlieb
33:40 The Knockout Queen | Rufi Thorpe
36:56 One Day | David Nichols
42:12 The Hunger | Alma Katsu
46:27 Power of the Dog | Don Winslow
The Cartel | Don Winslow
The Border| Don Winslow
53:05 The Nickel Boys | Colson Whitehead
56:54 A Little Life | Hanya Yanigahara

Shelf Additions
1:04:09I'll Be You | Janelle Brown
1:06:06 Notes on an Execution | Danya Kukafka

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Jar of Hearts
Case Histories
The Knockout Queen
One Day
The Hunger
Power of the dog
The Cartel
The Border
The Nickel Boys
A Little Life
I'll be You
Notes on an Execution