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July Books on the Radar

June 29, 2021 Season 1 Episode 6
Book Talk, etc.
July Books on the Radar
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In Episode 6 of Book Talk, Etc. Tina and Renee are talking about their July Books on the Radar! They share what they're loving lately, their latest read, a shelf addition, and have book talk about upcoming July releases they are excited to read. 

*Time stamps with each book mentioned and it's image can be found on our website

Loving Lately
3:00 Boscia Blotting Papers
Tatcha Blotting Papers
5:41 Scribd App

Latest Reads
8:18 Ace of Spades-  Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé
11:39 Tell Me Lies- Carola Lovering
Book Talk
18:29 People Like Them- Samira Sedira
20:45 Lights Out in Lincolnwood- Geoff Rodkey
22:52 22 Murders of Madison May- Max Berry
26:05 The Startup Wife- Tahmima Anam
28:57 False Witness- Karin Slaughter
31:39 For Your Own Good- Samantha Downing
33:40 A Woman of Intelligence- Karin Tannabe
36:21 The Book of Accidents- Chuck Wendig
38:06 What Strange Paradise-Omar El Akkad
40:28 Godspeed-Nicholas Butler

Shelf Addition
42:39 The Ugly Cry-Danielle Henderson
43:52 Chasing the Boogeyman-Richard Chizmar

Other Books Mentioned
Too Good To Be True-Carola Lovering
Razorblade Tears- S.A. Cosby
The Therapist-B.A Paris
Just One Look-Lindsey Cameron
Bring Your Baggage and Don't Pack Light-Helen Ellis
The View was Exhausting-Mikaela Clements Onjuli Datta
Dark Matter-Blake Crouch
Pretty Girls-Karin Slaughter
My Lovely Wife-Samantha Downing
Wanderers-Chuck Wendig
I'll Be Gone in the Dark-Michelle McNamarra

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Renee's Loving Lately
Tina's Loving Lately
Tina's Latest Read
Renee's Latest Read
Book Talk
People Like Them
Lights Out in Lincolnwood
22 Murders of Madison May
The Startup Wife
False Witness
For Your Own Good
A Woman of Intelligence
The Book of Accidents
What Strange Paradise
Tina's Shelf Addition
Renee's Shelf Addition