Book Talk, etc.

Best Books of the Year - Our 20 Favorite Books of 2023

December 19, 2023 Tina, Renee Season 1 Episode 131
Book Talk, etc.
Best Books of the Year - Our 20 Favorite Books of 2023
Show Notes

In Episode 131 of Book Talk, Etc. Tina and Renee share their top 10 books of 2023. They also share what they've been loving lately, their latest reads, and have book talk about how they narrowed down their choices. If you enjoy this episode, be sure to FOLLOW /SUBSCRIBE on your podcast app so you never miss an episode!

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Favorite Loving Lately
3:20 Scamanda Podcast (T)
In Your Own Backyard Podcast
6:40 European Spa Spray (R) 

Latest Reads
7:54 Second Chances in New Port Stephen | TJ Alexander (T)
9:36 The Vulnerables | Sigrid Nunez (R) 🎧

14:17 Book Talk
The Storygraph
24:58 Search History | Amy Taylor

27:22 Best Covers 
Whalefall | Daniel Kraus (T) 
Still Life | Sarah Winman (R) 

29:09 FAvorite Debuts
Maame | Jessica George (T)
Mother in the Dark | Kayla Maiuri (R)

Biggest Disappointments
I Have Some Questions for You | Rebecca Makkai (T) 
The Year of the Locust | Terry Hayes (R) 
Small Mercies | Dennis Lehane (R) 

Best Title
32:09 Big Swiss | Jen Beagin (T)
32:45 Heads in Beds | Jacob Tomsky (R)

Our Top 10
34:38 10. Fourth Wing | Rebecca Yarros (T) 
August Blue | Deborah Levy (R) 
9. Go As a River | Shelby Read (T) 
38:00 The Caretaker | Ron Rash (R) 
8. Rootless | Krystle Zara Appeiah (T) 
Inciting Joy | Ross Gay (R) 
7. Bright Young Women | Jessica Knoll (T) 
Never Far Away | Michael Koryta (R) 
6. The September House | Carissa Orlando  (T) 
Behold the Dreamers | Imbolo Mbue (R) 
5. Strange Sally Diamond | Liz Nugent (T) 
The Vaster Wilds | Lauren Groff (R) 
4. Nestlings | Nat Cassidy (T) 
57:40 The Singer's Gun | Emily St. John Mandel (R) 
3. In Memorium | Alice Winn (T) 
Thirst for Salt | Madeline Lucas (R) 
2. Wellness | Nathan Hill (T) 
Sycamore | Bryn Chancellor (R) 
1. Hello Beautiful | Ann Napolitano (T) 
The Creative Act: A Way of Being | Rick Rubin (R) 

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