Book Talk, etc.

Five Star Authors

October 10, 2023 Tina, Renee Season 1 Episode 122
Book Talk, etc.
Five Star Authors
Show Notes

In Episode 122 of Book Talk, Etc. Tina and Renee share their repeat 5 ⭐️ authors. They also share what they've been loving lately, their latest reads, and shelf additions. If you enjoy this episode, be sure to FOLLOW /SUBSCRIBE on your podcast app so you never miss an episode!

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Loving Lately
3:24 African American Literature Book Club
5:50 Ep 243 of the We Can Do Hard Things Podcast

Latest Reads
9:00 Saving Noah | Lucinda Berry (T)
11:48 Never Far Away | Michael Koryta (R) 🎧- An Honest Man

21:47 John Green (T)
*The Fault in our Stars *Looking for Alaska *The Anthropocene Review

23:20 John Hart (R)
*The Last Child *Iron House *The Unwilling

25:00 Gillian Flynn (T)
*Gone Girl *Sharp Objects

26:44 Oprah Winfrey (R)
*The Path Made Clear *What I Know for Sure  *The Wisdom of Sundays

26:13 Kennedy Ryan (T) 
*Before I Let Go  *Reel 🎧

 30:00 Alice Hoffman (R)
*Survival Lessons *Here On Earth *Faithful  *The World That We Knew *Rules of Magic  *Magic Lessons

31:40 Ilona Bannister (T) 
*When I Ran Away *Little Prisons 

32:29 Kia Abdullah (R)
*Next of Kin *Take It Back 

33:47  Tiffany D Jackson (T)
*Allegedly *The Weight of Blood 

35:16 Rene Denfield (R)
*The Child Finder *The Butterfly Girl 

36:58 Lisa Jewell (T)
*Then She Was Gone *I Found You *The Night She Disappeared

39:27 Thomas Enger (R)
*Pierced *Cursed 

40:56 Stephen King (T) 
*The Stand *It *Pet Sematery *Misery

42:53 Britt Bennett (R)
*The Mothers *The Vanishing Half 

 43:44 John Grisham (T) 
*Gray Mountain *The Firm *The Pelican Brief  *A Time to Kill 

Sharon Bolton (R)
*Daisy in Chains *Dead Woman Walking *Now You See Me *Dead Scared *Lost *Little Black Lies *The Craftsman

49:00 Shelf Additions
One of Us Knows | Alyssa Cole (T)
A Princess in Theory, When No one is Watching
51:09 Sleeping Giants | Rene Denfield (R) 

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