Book Talk, etc.

Summer Bonanza III: Our Picks for 20 of the Hottest Summer Book Releases

May 30, 2023 Tina, Renee Season 1 Episode 105
Book Talk, etc.
Summer Bonanza III: Our Picks for 20 of the Hottest Summer Book Releases
Show Notes

In Episode 105 of Book Talk, Etc. Tina and Renee share their 20 most anticipated summer releases. They also share what they've been loving lately, their latest reads, and have book talk about how they chose their books. If you enjoy this episode, be sure to FOLLOW /SUBSCRIBE on your podcast app so you never miss an episode!

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Loving Lately
4:15 Veggie Tray (T)
Copper Knife
Tik Tok Account
7:21 Love and Death  (HBO Max) (R)

Latest Reads
10:16 Fourth Wing | Rebecca Yarros (T)
15:31 Nightwork | Nora Roberts (R) 🎧

23:07 Book Talk  
Previous Shelf Additions We Don't Want You to Forget About

Big Gay Wedding | Byron Lane
None of This is True | Lisa Jewell
The Great Transition | Nick Fuller Googins
You Can Trust Me | Wendy Heard
Prom Mom | Laura Lippman
You Can't Stay Here Forever | Katherine Lin

Our Picks
31:47 All the Sinners Bleed | SA Cosby (T)
33:42 A Quitter's Paradise | Elysha Chang (R)
36:06 Night Will Find You | Julia  Heaberlin  (T)
38:13 Talking at Night | Claire Daverly (R)
40:09 Little Monsters | Adrienne Brodeur (T)
42:27 The Beach at Summerly | Beatriz Williams (R)
45:45 Wednesdays at One | Sandra Miller (T)
47:37 One Summer in Savannah | Terah Shelton Harris (R)
50:08 A Twisted Love Story | Samantha Downing (T)
51:53 Everyone Here is Lying | Shari Lapena (R)
54:12 I Know What You Did | Cayce Osborne (T)
56:02 Sugar, Baby | Celine Saintclaire (R)
58:07 The Art of Scandal | Regina Black (T)
1:00:17 Kala | Colin Walsh (R)
1:02:11 The Trap | Catherine Ryan Howard (T)
1:04:13 The Many Lives of Mama Love: A Memoir of Lying, Stealing, Writing, and Healing| Lara Love Hardin (R)
1:06:47 Whalefall | Daniel Krause (T)
1:08:40 The Bee Sting | Paul Murray (R)
1:10:35 The Last One | Will Dean (T)
1:12:38 The Continental Affair | Christine Mangan (R)

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