Book Talk, etc.

Books That Hooked Us From the First Page

March 07, 2023 Tina, Renee Season 1 Episode 93
Book Talk, etc.
Books That Hooked Us From the First Page
Show Notes

In Episode 93 of Book Talk, Etc. Tina and Renee share books that hooked them from the first page.  They also share what they've been loving lately, their latest reads, and have book talk about bookish first impressions.  If you enjoy this episode, be sure to 
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Loving Lately
4:15 Dagne Dover Diaper Bag (T)
7:01 Shrinking & Full Swing (R)
Tiger Woods | Jeff Benedict

Latest Reads
10:25 The Reunion | Kayla Olson (T)
13:50 A Simple Plan | Scott Smith (R) 🎧

19:00 Book Talk
27:27 The Deluge | Stephen Markley
An Untamed State | Roxane Gay
Perfect Days | Raphael Montes
30:09 The Invisible Life of Addie Larue | VE Schwab
His Only Wife | Peace Adzo Menzie
The Seven Visitations of Sydney Burgess | Andy Marino
31:39 The Accomplice | Lisa Lutz (T)
34:55 All Her Fault | Andrea Mara (R) 🎧
39:27 The Getaway | Lamar Giles (T)
43:17 Before He Finds Her | Michael Kardos (R) 🎧

Shelf Additions
48:25 The Great Transition | Nick Googins (T)
The Carnivale of Curiosities | Amiee Gibbs (R)

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