Book Talk, etc.

❤️ Love Is in the Air... Or Not 💔

February 14, 2023 Tina, Renee Season 1 Episode 90
Book Talk, etc.
❤️ Love Is in the Air... Or Not 💔
Show Notes

In Episode 90 of Book Talk, Etc. Tina and Renee share their recent reads involving love- or not.  They also share what they've been loving lately, their latest reads , current reads, and have book talk about romance tropes. If you enjoy this episode, be sure to FOLLOW /SUBSCRIBE so you never miss an episode!  

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Loving Lately
2: 31 SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra (T)
4:22 Bottle Bright Cleaning Tabs (R)

Latest Reads
7:04 The Family | Naomi Krupitsky (T)
11:19 The Social Climber | Amanda Pelligrino (R) 🎧

16:00 Book Talk
Romance Trope Article
The Idea of You | Robinne Lee
50 Shades of Gray | EL James
Seven Days in June | Tia Williams
The Happily Every After Playlist | Abby Jimenez
30:40 Delilah Green Doesn't Care | Ashley Herring Blake (T)
33:56 Big Swiss | Jen Beagin (R) 🎧
40:33 All This Could Be Different | Sarah Thankam Mathews (T) 🎧
44:47 The Lonely Hearts Hotel | Heather O'Neil (R) 🎧
The Invisible Life Of Addie Larue | VE Schwab
Demon Copperhead | Barbara Kingsolver

Shelf Addition
50:24 Penance | Kanae Minato (T)
52:05 The Good Family | Matt Goldman (R)

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