Book Talk, etc.

Books + Self Care with author & Forever 35 Podcast CoHost Kate Spencer

July 12, 2022 Tina, Renee
Book Talk, etc.
Books + Self Care with author & Forever 35 Podcast CoHost Kate Spencer
Show Notes

In Episode 60 of Book Talk, Etc. Tina and Renee are talking reading & self care with special guest Kate Spencer.  They also share what they've been loving lately, their latest reads, shelf additions, and have book talk about books, reading, skincare & more

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Loving Lately
4:59 Sacred Beauty Rose Mist Toner (K)
5:50 Romantically Inclined on Instagram (K)
6:21 Monster Romance: Orc Sworn |Finley Fenn (K)
10:26 Dr Dennis Gross Aha/Bha Daily Peel (R)
The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 
The Origins Avocado Sleep Mask
14:16 The Misha Time Revolution Essence (T)

Book Talk
17:27 In a New York Minute | Kate Spencer (R) 🎧
52:50 Klur Beauty Products (face wash & oil)
53:24 Kypris Beauty Elixar
54:15 Vitner's Daughtner's Essence
The Antidote Podcast

Latest Reads
58:08 Ice Planet Barbarian Series | Ruby Dixon (K)
1:01:23 The Mutual Friend | Carter Bays (K)
1:02:52 The Great Believers | Rebecca Makkai
A Little Life | Hanya Yanigahara
1:09:17 Just By Looking at Him 🎧| Ryan O'Connell (T)
1:11:30 The Bartender's Cure | Wesley Straton 🎧(R)
1:16:29 Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow | Gabrielle Zevin (T)

Kate's Info...
The Dead Mom's Club - Kate's Memoir
Forever 35 Podcast
@Kate Spencer Instagram

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