Book Talk, etc.

Summer Bonanza II: 20 Books to Read This Summer!

May 31, 2022 Tina, Renee Season 2 Episode 22
Book Talk, etc.
Summer Bonanza II: 20 Books to Read This Summer!
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In Episode 54 of Book Talk, etc Tina and Renee share what they're loving lately, their latest reads, shelf additions, and highlight 20 upcoming summer releases they can't wait to read. 

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4:45 Carrie Soto is Back | Taylor Jenkins Reid

Loving Lately
5:11 Taylor Wynn on You Tube (T)
7:25 Athleta Seasoft Straight Pant (R)

Latest Reads
10:10 The House Across the Lake | Riley Sager (T) 🎧
14:33 Necessary People | Anna Pitoniak (R) 🎧
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18:15 The Morning Show Apple TV

19:00 Book Talk

24:49 Summer Books
24:52 Aurora | David Koepp (T)
26:29 Counterfeit | Kirstin Chen (R)
29:20 More Than You'll Every Know | Katie Gutierrez (T)
31:30 The Last Resort |Sarah Stodola (R)
34:29 The Lifestyle | Taylor Hahn (T)
36:19 Last Couple Standing |Matthew Norman
36:49 The Angel of Rome |Jess Walter (R)
39:22 Body Grammar |Jules Ohman (T)
41:03 Acts of Violet |Margarita Montimore (R)
43:36 NSFW |Isabel Kaplan (T)
45:49 Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow |Gabrielle Zevin (R)
48:48 Groupies |Sarah Priscus (T)
50:48 First Born |Will Dean (R)
52:23 A Hundred Other Girls |Iman Hariri-Kia
54:49 The It Girl |Ruth Ware (R)
57:07 Kismet |Amina Akhtar (T)
58:19 Nine Perfect Strangers
58:52 The Work Wife |Alison Hart (R)
1:01:17 The Force of Such Beauty |Barbara Bourland (T)
1:02:52 Dirt Creek |Hayley Scrivener (R)
1:04:25 My

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