Book Talk, etc.

Ask Us Anything + Beach Reads

May 24, 2022 Tina, Renee Season 2 Episode 21
Book Talk, etc.
Ask Us Anything + Beach Reads
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In Episode 53 of Book Talk, Etc. Tina and Renee answer YOUR questions!  They also share what they've been loving lately, their latest reads, shelf additions, and have book talk about beach reads

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Loving Lately
3:08 Our Listeners! Thank you for an amazing first year

Latest Reads
4:57 Rough Draft | Katie Tur (T) 
10:05 Take Your Breath Away | Linwood Barclay (R)🎧
15:26 Find You First |Linwood Barclay
15:40 No Time for Goodbye |LB

17:43 Book Talk
26:54 Behind the Scene of BTE
41:50 Unlikely Animals | Annie Hartnett
42:07 I Came All This Way to Meet You | Jami Attenberg
42:16 The Island | Karen Jennings
43:14 Midlife Bites | en Mann
43:40 A Murder Mystery Tour | Marian Babson
44:27 We Are Not Like Them |Christine Pride, Jo Piazza
47:42 Our dream guests?
48:20 Bitch Sesh Podcast
51:30 A Million Little Pieces|James Frey
52:07 Our Goals
56:28 Celebrity Book Club Episode
57:12 Stephen King Special
58:40 Books We Disagree on Patreon Episode
1:00:41 Finding Me |Viola Davis
1:02:13 Stacy @Prose_and_Palate w/Oprah
1:02:40 The Measure |Nikki Erlick
1:06:42 Jonathan Joins Us
1:09:49 The Black Death |Rosemary
1:11:18 The Edge Question Series |John Brockman
1:19:02 Nothing to See Here | Kevin Wilson (Tina's Ennegram book rec)
1:20:56 The Art of Racing in the Rain |Garth Stein (Renee's Ennagram Rec)

1:24:08 Beach Reads
1:26:10 Love, Lists, and Fancy Ships |Sarah Grunder Ruiz (T)
1:29:10 London is the Best City in America |Laura Dave🎧(R)
1:32:25 One of

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