Book Talk, etc.

Revenge Reads; Will We Ever Get Tired of Vengeful Books?

April 12, 2022 Tina, Renee
Book Talk, etc.
Revenge Reads; Will We Ever Get Tired of Vengeful Books?
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In Episode 46 of Book Talk, Etc. Tina and Renee share their recent revenge reads. They also share what they've been loving lately, their latest reads, shelf additions, and have book talk about revenge and why it seems to be a popular theme in books ? 

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**The story in Your House Will Pay is inspired by the killing of Latasha Harlins (not Harris)
Loving Lately
5:25 Mukoko 32 oz Glass Water Bottle (T)
7:45 This Morning Walk Podcast (R)
Do/Walk | Libby DeLana
Alex Elle on Instagram

Latest Reads
11:45 A Novel Obsession | Caitlin Barasch (T)
17:48 Bomb Shelter | Mary Laura Philpott 🎧 (R)
I Miss You When I Blink | Mary Laura Philpott 🎧

23:06 Book Talk
27:30 Carrie | Stephen King
27:52 Confessions | Kanae Minato
28:12 Razorblade Tears | S.A. Cosby
28:27 The Collective | Alison Gaylin
32:46 Different Class | Joanne Harris
33:39 The Count of Monte Cristo | Alexandre Dumas père
34:45 Vicious | VE Schwab
34:50 Atonement | Ian McEwan

35:17 When the Reckoning Comes | LaTanya McQueen (T)
40:02 The Stranger Behind You | Carole Goodman (R) 🎧
45:02 Your House Will Pay | Steph Cha (T) 🎧
45:17 Long Way Down | Jason Reynolds
50:45 An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good | Helen Tursten (R) 🎧

Shelf Additions
54:48 The Wild One | Colleen Mckeegan (T)
56:42 Trust | Hernan Diaz (R)

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