Book Talk, etc.

Talking British Books & More With Claire Handscombe

March 15, 2022 Tina, Renee Season 2 Episode 11
Book Talk, etc.
Talking British Books & More With Claire Handscombe
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In Episode 42 of Book Talk, Etc. Tina and Renee welcome fellow podcaster and author Claire Handscombe. They’ll share what they've been loving lately, their latest British reads, and have book talk about all things Brit Lit. 

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Loving Lately 
2:15 Pancake Day (C) Claire’s mom’s British crepe recipe -here
5:00 Wolf Like Me Tv Series (T)   
8:35GrandeLASH-MD  (R)

Latest Reads
10:47 Funny You Should Ask | Elissa Sussman (C)   
14:00 Will | Will Smith 🎧 (T)   
20:21 Viola Davis | Finding Me   
20:33 The Unsinkable Greta James | Jennifer Smith  (R) 
24:30 Songs in Ursa Major | Emma Brodie   

25:38 Book Talk
26:24 Just Haven’t Met You Yet | Sophie Cousens   
30:19 Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine | Gail Honeyman
31:01 What Page are You on Podcast   
31:45 The Book Club Review Podcast 
32:24 The Fiction Café Book Club Facebook Group 
32:37 The Guardian 
32:47 The Bookseller   
34:31 The Thursday Murder Club | Richard Osman   
36:23 On a Night Like This | Linsdey Kelk  ( I Heart books)
36:12 Women in the Middle |Millie Johnson
37:00 Again, Rachel | Marian Keyes
38:00 The Grownups | Marian Keyes
38:36 The Dark | Sharon Bolton     
39:17 Book Depository     

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