Book Talk, etc.

Talking Pop Culture & Nostalgia With Danny Pellegrino

February 08, 2022 Season 2 Episode 6
Book Talk, etc.
Talking Pop Culture & Nostalgia With Danny Pellegrino
Show Notes

In Episode 37 of Book Talk, Etc. Tina and Renee are talking pop culture and nostalgia with comedian/writer Danny Pellegrino, author of the upcoming memoir How Do I Un-Remember This? Unfortunately True Stories (March 8, 2022) and creator of the hit podcast Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino. They also share what they've been loving lately, their latest read (Danny’s book!), and shelf additions.

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 Loving Lately
6:14 Saved By the Bell Reboot (D)   
9:00 Search Party (show on HBO Max) (T)
12:00 Nightmare Alley (movie) (R)

Latest Reads & Book Talk
15:34  How Do I Un-Remember This? Unfortunately True Stories- Danny's Book (Tina/Renee)
33:13 Danny's Interview w/Theresa Caputo
34:03 Dancing at the Pity Party | Tyler Feder
35:02 Built to Fail: The Inside Story of Blockbuster’s Inevitable Bust |Alan Payne (D)
35:57/47:02 The Nineties |Chuck Klosterman (T) 🎧   
36:28/51:08 Sex and The City and Us | Jennifer Armstrong (R) 🎧   
38:29 Goosebumps| R.L. Shine (D)
38:50 Swish| Joel Derfner (D)
41:46 Open Book |Jessica Simpson
42:20 The Meaning of Maria Carey
43:28/1:07:09  Name Drop | Ross Matthews 🎧 
1:02:16 Reminders of Him | Colleen Hoover (T)   

Shelf Additions
1:10:29 When We Were Bright and Beautiful | Jillian Medoff (R)
1:12:50 Reservations for Six | Lindsay Palmer  (T)

You Can Find Danny on Instagram @dannypellegrino, Twitter @dannypellegrino and his podcast

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